# Slack Integration

The Slack integration is tedious because it requires that you create a dedicated application in your Slack space. But don't worry we explain the full process in the following!

# Create a Kitsu Application in Slack

# Create an Application

To start with the integration, we need to create an application in Slack dedicated to sending messages on your Kitsu instance behalf.

For that let's connect to https://api.slack.com/apps (opens new window)

From here click on the Create new App button: Application token

Then enter Kitsu as name and chose the workspace you want to link with you Kitsu instance: Application token

# Set the Right Permissions

When the app is created, go to the app page by clicking on its name in the list and go to the Basic information section. Then click on the Permissions button on the bottom right: Application token

From there, go to the scopes section to add the required permission: Application token

The required permission scope is chat:write:bot: Application token

# Install App in your Workspace

We can now proceed to the app installation in the workspace. Go to the Install App section and proceed to installation by clicking on the big green button: Application token

Confirm the installation: Application token

Your Kitsu Slack App is now up and running! You just need to link your Kitsu to your notifications sent to your Slack workspace.

# Get the Token

Now come back to the Install app section. You should see the token to use to link your Kitsu instance to Slack.

Application token

# Change Kitsu Settings

Now that you have a valid token for your Slack application, go to the settings page. There you can give the token to your Kitsu instance.

Application token

# Enable Slack Notifications in your Profile

The final step requires to go in your profile section. From there you can put your Slack notifications on. It requires a last parameter: the Member ID you use on your Slack.

You can find it in your Slack profile by clicking on More:

Application token

Application token

Then In your Kitsu profile, set the Slack notifications on and the Slack nickname: Application token

You can now enjoy pretty notifications right in your Slack workspace!

Application token