How to get notified...

How notifications work?

The notification symbol is the Bell button next to your name, top right of the screen. Its color is grey Notification off when you don't have any notification, and orange Notification on when you have a new one.

When you click on the bell button, it opens the notifications page.

There, you can see all the changes made to the tasks you are following or assigned to you.

Notification page

Notifications include the following information:

  • If it's a notification Notification page or a tag Notification page

  • the name of the author Notification page

  • the related entity Notification page

  • the related task Notification page

  • the new status Notification page

  • the attached file Notification page

  • and the comment.

When you click on the space of the notification, the comments panel on the right is displayed. You can answer directly from this page to any element.

Each part is a link you can use it to jump on the information you need. If you click on the status, you jump to the status page of the entity. So you can react quickly to this new change.

For example, let's give Alicia a retake.

Notification example 01

Alicia receives notification immediately, the bell button change color Notification on, and she can read the new comment.

All the notifications and comments appear in real-time. No need to refresh to stay up to date.

Notification example 02

How to get notified?

As an artist, you receive a notification Notification as soon as someone assigned you to a task, change the status of one of your task, post a comment, or tag you on a comment.

You can also choose to follow specifics tasks. Go into the task page you want to follow: on the assets or shots pages click onto the status icon, then on the top right side of the page, you can see an eye button Notification off.

pannel notification

By default you are following all the tasks you are assigned to, on the task page the icon is on (eye open) Notification on.

If you want to follow another task, click on the crossed eye button Notification off. Its aspect changes, it is not crossed anymore Notification on meaning you are now following this task and receive notification about it.

On your profil page you can also choose to receive your notification per Email, or per Slack.



How to not be notified anymore?

If you don't want to follow a task anymore, click on the eye button Notification on on the task page. It is crossed notification off, meaning you won't receive notifications any more.

How to be notified of everything?

The News feed page is here to keep you aware of all the changes on the production.

You can go there with the drop-down menu on top of a page.

newsfeed dropdown menu

On the News Feed page, you can see all the change of status during the production. It gives you a global view of what happened.

newsfeed page

You can choose to see all the status or a specific one.

newsfeed change status

The same thing with the task types, you can choose to see them all, or a specific one.

newsfeed change task

You can click on each element to open the right panel and see the detail of this task. You can review and comment on this page.

newsfeed comments

You can display the previews instead of the status.

Click on more filters, from there you can choose to diaplay data from a specific time frame or you can display the previews instead of the status.

Newsfeed preview option

You can now see all the previews (images and videos), posted during the production.

You can also select a specific status or a specific task type.

Moreover, you can also comment and review any previews from this page.

newsfeed preview comment