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# Kitsu Documentation

Kitsu (opens new window) is a collaboration platform for animation and VFX productions. Through its clean UI and shared database it connects all the shareholders of the production: Artists, Production managers, Supervisors, Vendors, and Clients.

# Getting Started

Depending on your role in the studio, we propose you several tutorials:

# Customization

In this section, we will give more information about Kitsu main customization:

# Modules

In this section, we will give more information about Kitsu main modules:

  • Schedules: Everything you need to know to setup your schedules
  • Batch Actions: Run several actions in a click, let Kitsu work for you
  • Playlists: Gather video versions in a glimpse and stay focus during the review
  • Department: Define your main departments and show lighter tables to your teams

# Tutorials

Video tutorials are available on Youtube. They cover the essential parts of Kitsu. You will find them via the link below:

Kitsu tutorials channel (opens new window)

# Frequently Asked Questions

It's the place to find common questions asked by studios and their answers. Tutorials don't cover everything... This FAQ is here to add the missing part!

# About authors

Kitsu is written by CG Wire, a company based in France. We help animation studios to manage their production and build pipelines efficiently.

We apply software craftmanship principles as much as possible. We love coding and consider that strong quality and good developer experience matter a lot. Our extensive experience allows studios to get better at dealing with the complexity of productions. They can collaborate more efficiently, deliver faster and make better pictures.

Visit (opens new window) for more information.

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