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# Kitsu Documentation

Kitsu (opens new window) is a collaboration platform for animation and VFX productions. Through its clean UI and shared database, it connects all relevant stakeholders throughout the production process, including artists, production managers, supervisors, vendors, and clients.

# Introduction to Kitsu

Here are some links to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts in Kitsu you'll need to be successful with your production.

  • Getting Started With Kitsu: learn key principles and common vocabulary terms used within Kitsu to better plan your production workflow.
  • Preparing Your Team: Prepare your team members and define their departments and permissions.

# Create Your Production

Below you can find guides tailored to the specific type of production you are looking to create.

# Meta Columns, Filters & Production Settings

# Assignments, Estimates and Scheduling

In this section, we will explain some of Kitsu's main use cases:

  • Task Assignments: Learn how to add someone to a team and assign them to a task.
  • Estimates & Team Quotas: Learn how to calculate the number of days estimated to do a task (bids) and check your team's efficiency.
  • Schedules: Discover the different scheduling capabilities in Kitsu, from the studio level to the task level.

# Statuses, Publishes and Thumbnails

How keep your work organized, and your team updated on it's progress

  • Statuses & Feedback: How to change statuses and keep your team updated on the progress of work.
  • Publishes: How to publish and share work with your team.
  • Thumbnails: How to apply thumbnails to assets and shots.

# Internal Review and Client Playlists

How to organize internal and external reviews:

  • Reviews: Learn how to review all feedback on a task.
  • Daily & Weekly Review: Quickly gather video versions and stay focused during the review.
  • Client Playlists: Collect and share your work with your client in a managed environment.

# Supervisor Workflows

As a supervisor, your uses cases when using Kitsu may differ than your production team.

# Producer Workflows

As a producer, mastering the ability to zoom out from specifics to a holistic view is essential.

# Developer Workflows

As a developer, explore some of the possibilities for extending and integrating Kitsu within your studio's pipeline.

  • Custom Actions: A custom action is a simple HTTP request that sends information from your current Kitsu selection to a custom end.
  • Bots: The main use is for scripting with gazu (Kitsu's Python Client), and anything else that can use our API.
  • Kitsu Publisher: A web application used to share the progress of your productions and validate your deliveries.
  • Chat Integration: Get Kitsu notifications sent directly to popular messaging apps like Discord, Slack or Mattermost.
  • Open Source Setup: Learn about how you can self-deploy a host a local version of Kitsu within your studio's environment.

# Tutorials

Access comprehensive video tutorials on YouTube, highlighting crucial functionalities of Kitsu. Click the link below to view.

Kitsu Tutorials Channel (opens new window)

# About the Authors

Kitsu is written by CG Wire, a company based in France. We help animation studios to manage their productions and build efficient pipelines.

We adhere to software craftsmanship principles whenever feasible. Our passion for coding is reflected in our commitment to delivering robust quality and providing an exceptional developer experience. With our extensive expertise, we help studios navigate the complexities of production, fostering more efficient collaboration, quicker delivery, resulting in better pictures.

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