Custom Actions

What is a custom action?

A custom action is a simple HTTP request that sends information from your current Kitsu selection to a custom endpoint. In other terms, when your user is in its Kitsu UI, he can send a request to an another sever containing the IDs of the selected elements.

How to setup a custom action


Only studio managers can setup a custom action. The custom action page is available in the right panel in the admin section.

When you have access to the custom action page you can create a new action via the add button on the top right. The action creation requires four information:

  • name: The name of the action.
  • url: The taregt URL (we strongly recommend you to use the same domain as your Kitsu installation).
  • entity type: For which kind of entity the custom action will be available.
  • Use AJAX: To tell if the request must be sent as an AJAX request or as a form.

Once your action will be created, it will be accessible in the action top bar When a user select tasks in the asset or shot lists, by going to the Run custom action section, he will be able to execute the custom action for the current selection.

Data sent via a custom action

Data are sent at JSON format. It contains an object with the following fields:

  • personid: The ID of the user claiming the action.
  • personemail: The email of the user claiming the action.
  • projectid: The ID of the project of selected entities.
  • currentpath: Current url path in Kitsu web application.
  • currentserver: Host of the Kitus sending the custom action.
  • selection: List of selected task IDs.
  • entitytype: Type of entities for which tasks are selected.


  "personid": "b01bae1e-f829-458a-a1eb-131bb66628cc", 
  "personemail": "", 
  "projectid": "fa4d7f04-b8e0-4518-8dbc-2f24997ca76e", 
  "currentpath": "/productions/fa4d7f04-b8e0-4518-8dbc-2f24997ca76e/assets", 
  "currentserver": "localhost", 
  "selection": "95c171e1-dfff-498f-93e3-548a739e3202", 
  "entitytype": "asset"