# Thumbnails

# Add Thumbnails Manually

To define a preview as a thumbnail, the preview MUST have been uploaded as a revision.

Click on the status you want on the list page, then click the Preview button (1) on the right panel.

Thumbnail Button

Once you click on the button, you can choose to pick the first or any frame. Once the frame is selected, the thumbnail appears, and the button turns gray.

Thumbnail Applied

# Add Thumbnails Automatically

If you prefer to have your thumbnails populate automatically, you can navigate to the settings page from the production using the navigation menu.

Settings Menu

On the Parameters tab, select set new preview as entity thumbnail automatically.

Settings Preview Auto

Don't forget to Save changes when you are done. Now, as soon as you upload a preview, it will be used automatically as a thumbnail.

# Batch Upload Previews (as Thumbnails)

Use the Add Thumbnails button Add Thumbnails Button on the global page to import thumbnails in bulk.


A new pop-up opens and asks you to choose which task types the thumbnails are linked to.

Thumbnails batch import accepts image files and video files. Only the first frame is used as the thumbnail for the video files.

In order for the thumbnails to be automatically links to the correct shot, you have to name your thumbnails as sequence_shot.

For example, if you your sequence is named SEQ_001 and your shot is named SH_001, then your thumbnail filename should be SEQ_001_SH_001.