# Studio Customization

You can customize your kitsu at several levels to fit your studio's identity.

You can change the kitsu logo into your studio logo on the main menu and your studio name.

Click on the main menu button Main Menu Button, then under the Admin section, click on the Settings.

Here you will manage the global settings of Kitsu.

Kitsu Settings

The first thing is to set the Kitsu logo that will be displayed on the main menu.

Click on the Set studio logo to select a picture.

You can also change the Studio Name. Remember to Save the Settings at the end when you are done.

# Change the Kitsu' Setting

You can change settings at the Kitsu level that will impact your whole studio and how many hours per day should be worked.

Kitsu Settings

You can choose if you want to use the original file name for downloads.

Show the picture with HD quality by default. Use this option only if you have a very fast internet connection.

About the timesheet, you can also lock the artists to modify their timesheets older than one week.