How to get started with Kitsu as CG artist

First Connection

On your first connection, we encourage you to fill your contact information into your profile. Click on your name on the top right of the screen (1) then on Profile (2).

NB: A link to this Documentation is available (4) and you can switch to the Dark Theme in this menu too (3).

User profile

On this new page you can check your name (1) (2), your email (3), fill you phone number (4), change the timezone (5), the language of the website (6), and post a pic of yourself as your avatar (7). It will help to recognize who is doing what!

User detail

If you keep scrolling you can also change your password if you want. We encourage you to change the default password with one of your own.

User password

See your assignments

The main part for you, on Kitsu, will be the My tasks page. It's the first landing page when you log in. You can also find it on the main menu Main menu, under the User section of MY TASKS. The Kistu logo is a shortcut too, to your task list.

My tasks

You can see per Production (1) the Entity (2) you are assigned to, the Status (3) of the tasks you are working on and their priority (4).

My tasks page

Share your progress

When you start a new task you are assigned to, click on the status Todo (1) on your my taks page. You can also do it on the shots or assets page.

Shot status

It will open a pannel on the right of the screen, where you can communicate about your work. Let your teammates know what you are doing. For instance show them you start working on something. Each time you change the status of a task, you can attach a text comment to it.

For example when you start a new task you can say that everything is ok. If some information is missing, you can either ask all the questions you want.

To change the status, let's say from Todo to Wip as example, start by filling the comment box (1). Then, click on the status box and choose the one you want (2) and validate your comment and the new status by clicking on Post status (3) button.

Changing status

You can edit your last comment by clicking on the "history" button and then using the edit button Edit button.

Ask for a review

You can ask for a review by switching the status of a task to (Waiting for Approval wfa). The first step is to change the status of your task.

Waiting for approval

You can drag ans drop your file directly or, click on the Attach preview button.

Add preview file

And then use the Post comment button.

Your work will appear on the right part of the screen as a V1.

Preview v1

If you post more revisions, you will always keep track of your previous work. Each time you add a new revision, the previous versions are still available.

Preview v2

This detailed page of the task will be your way to communicate with others. They will also use this page to answer your questions, give you feedback, and asking for a retake. The history of the conversation is always available.

For a quicker access to the information, when you will get back to your todo page, the last comment posted on each task will be available too.

My tasks page

You can also see the tasks validated as Validated and the discard tasks as NA on the Done tab.

My done tasks page

Fill your timesheet

Everyday you can declare how much time you spent on each task. On your My Tasks page, go to the Timesheets tab.


You need to move the cursor (1) next to each task accordingly to the number of hours spent. You can also go quicker and click on the 1, 4, or 8 hours buttons (2) .

If one day you miss your declaration, you can click on the today date (3) , and go back in time and select the day you have missed.

Timesheets change the date

In case you forget to mention time spent on a finished task, you can still find it in the Done tasks list located below the running tasks list.

Timesheets done tasks